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What is news

See you at Oceanology International 2014!

The Sea Technology Services team will be attending Oceanology International 2014 and we would like to meet you, so please feel free to drop us a line so that we can arrange to have a chat in London.






Ocean Robotics Science and Engineering Capability in South Africa – A Leap Forward

Sea Technology Services has recently provided operational, piloting and engineering support for the deployments in the Southern Ocean of a Liquid Robotics Wave Glider and an iRobot Seaglider under the CSIR’s Southern Ocean Carbon-Climate Observatory (SOCCO) program.


Slocum G2 Glider Piloting And Engineering Support Now Available In South Africa

Sea Technology Services engineers, Derek Needham and André Hoek, in support of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s Ocean Systems & Climate group’s recent Slocum G2 glider acquisition, attended a piloting, maintenance and technical refurbishment course at the Teledyne Webb Research facility in Falmouth, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


Acoustic Optical Sensor III production begins

Development and testing of an enhanced version of the Sea Technology Services' Acoustic Optical Sensor (AOS) units has been successfully completed and a production phase has begun, with a delivery of eight systems to NOAA’s Advanced Survey Technologies (AST) group scheduled for November.


Sea Technology Services – Representing Sea-Bird Scientific in Angola

We are pleased to announce that Sea-Bird Scientific has awarded Sea Technology Services an exclusive agreement to represent Sea-Bird Scientific in Angola, expanding our existing commitment to provide Sea-Bird Scientific users in Southern Africa with a world-class equipment supply and engineering support service.


Sea-Bird Scientific Forms New Science Team

Bellevue, Washington Oct 1st, 2013

Sea-Bird Scientific is pleased to announce the formation of a new senior Science Team led by Norge Larson. The Science Team will focus scientific resources from Sea-Bird Electronics, WET Labs and Satlantic on the critical needs of the oceanographic and water quality communities to drive innovation and sensor technology development across Sea-Bird Scientific.


Sea Technology Services Hydro-Acoustic Calibration Control Units for Hawaii based research ship Oscar Elton Settee and new San Diego based Reuben Lasker.

Sea Technology Services, via its U.S.A. representative Kim Dietrich, has been awarded an order from ECS Federal, Inc, for an enhanced model Sea Technology Services Hydro-Acoustic Calibration Control Unit, to be fitted aboard the newly built NOAA research ship, Reuben Lasker, recently launched by Marinette Marine Corporation.