Sea Technology Services to provide engineering support for NOAA’s 2013 Antarctic Winter Cruise

Sea Technology Services is pleased to announce that NOAA’s U.S.A. Antarctic Ecosystem Research Group (AERG) have contracted Sea Technology Services to supply the oceanographic engineering support for their winter-cruise portion of their 2013-2014 Antarctic Field Program, around the South Shetland Islands, board the R.V. Palmer.

The R.V. Palmer will depart for Antarctica from Punta Arenas, Chile, on 10 August 2013.

Sea Technology Service’s engineering staff will operate and process data collected by:

  • A Sea-Bird SBE-911plus CTD system, fitted with an array of WETLabs and Biospherical optical sensors
  • A Tucker Trawl multi-net system fitted with a Sea-Bird SBE 19plus V2 CTD system
  • An Underway Scientific Data Collection System


Sea Technology Services will also provide general electronic, software and oceanographic engineering support for the scientific operations aboard the ship.

This exciting opportunity in the international field of oceanographic research, instrumentation and systems engineering, will strengthen Sea Technology Service’s 13 year-long relationship with NOAA’s Antarctic program and the support of oceanographic equipment and systems in the Southern Ocean.

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