New STS Acoustic Calibration Control Units Installed on Hawaii and San Diego Based Ships


Newly designed and enhanced models of Sea Technology Services Hydro-Acoustic Calibration Control Units have been completed and installed aboard the NOAA Pacific Islands

Fisheries Science Center ship, Oscar Elton Settee, based in Hawaii, as well as the recently launched South West Fisheries Science Center research ship, Reuben Lasker, based in San Diego.

The Sea Technology Services Hydro-Acoustic Calibration Control Unit is a four axis electronic system to control four gunwale-mounted Cannon Downriggers to precision position a calibration sphere under the hull of a fisheries acoustic survey ship, to map and calibrate the beams of its multi-frequency and multi-beam echosounder transducer arrays.

The new upgraded version of the Sea Technology Services Hydro-Acoustic Calibration Control System incorporates:

Calibration Control Unit for controlling four high capacity downriggers:


  • Soft start, ramp up/down speed control
  • Output Channels: 4
  • Total Output Power: 1300W
  • Channel Output: 0 – 15V, 30A
  • Common Channel Speed Control: Yes
  • Independent Channel Direction Control: Yes
  • Group Direction Control: Yes
  • Output Short Circuit Protection: Yes
  • Input Voltage: 85 – 264 VAC (Universal)
  • Panel Meters: 1 x 15V, 1 x 30A (Auto Group Scaling)
  • Enclosure: 2U 19 Inch Rack Epoxy Powder Coated Black 19” rack mount version including connector plugs for each channels’ deck cables


Three or four high capacity, marine grade, gunwale mounted downriggers, with extendable outrigger rods.Calibration sphere 38.1mm Tungsten Carbide with spark eroded hole and monofilament line hoop attached.hydroart224022016

Deck cables, outdoor, neoprene, oil resistant with waterproof connectors.hydroart124022016 2

Optional remote radio control operation.

Optional Pelican cases for storage of downriggers and cables.