New Sea-Bird Electronics GEOTRACES CTD system commissioned in the Southern Ocean

CSIR’s new Sea-Bird Electronics GEOTRACES CTD system and 20' clean container lab were commissioned and tested during the The Southern Ocean Seasonal Cycle Experiment (SOSCEx) cruise aboard S.A. Agulhas.

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GEOTRACES is a system for the rapid and non-contaminating sampling of trace elements in the water column. The system uses an epoxy coated aluminium Sea-Bird Carousel frame with all titanium pressure housings for the electronics and sensors to eliminate zinc sacrificial anodes.

The system was tested and commissioned over the stern of S.A. Agulhas using a specially prepared and epoxy coated winch fitted with Dyneema rope. A Sea-Bird Electronics Auto Fire Module and SBE 50 pressure sensor were integrated into a custom made 1000m pressure casing to trigger 24 twelve litre GO-FLO bottles at predetermined depths.

Fifteen successful GEOTRACES casts were done over the stern, to a depth of 1000m, with accompanying Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 911plus V2 CTD casts with the starboard side CTD system.